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Nancy Backus supports safe injection sites – FALSE

In Nancy’s role as a convener of the King County Opioid Task Force, she appointed an Auburn Police Commander to serve on the task force to represent Auburn. The task force issued 7 recommendations to address the opioid epidemic, one of those recommendations included building two safe injection sites in King County. The task force voting record will show that Auburn and Renton both voted NO on that recommendation.

Largo Wales serves on the King County Board of Health, without consulting the Mayor, her fellow councilmembers or the members of Sound Cities Association, Largo voted YES to endorse the recommendations and specifically the safe injection sites. (January 19, 2017 meeting records show not only a 12-0 vote but the video record also shows Largo speaking enthusiastically about the recommendations) View video

The bottom line is that this issue is moot. Mayor Backus worked with concerned citizens and the city council to pass an ordinance banning safe injection sites in Auburn, so how about we quit talking about it. Issue is dead.

Nancy Backus gave $400,000 to Tacoma – FALSE

Mayor Backus serves on the South Sound Behavioral Health Coalition that is working to fund the building and operation of a 120 bed behavioral health hospital on the Allenmore campus in Tacoma.

In prior meetings with the deputy mayor and other council members it was an idea that most council members supported to Auburn provide funding for the hospital. The Coalition suggested $400,000 based on the size of Auburn and the Coalition made the ask of the city council in July 2016. It is up to the city council to approve the funding. 

Nancy Backus raised taxes in Auburn – FALSE

Taxes in Auburn have risen lately because of two voter-approved initiatives: the Auburn School District bond and Sound Transit 3. Mayor Backus is a member of the Sound Transit Board this is true and Mayor Backus is supportive of improving mass transit in our region and she voted, personally, for ST3 along with about 47% of Auburn. 

What is also true is that Largo Wales voted with the rest of the city council on a resolution supporting ST3 and the Auburn School District Bond. These two voter-approved initiatives raised property taxes in Auburn.

Largo Wales claims that the fees that the City of Auburn are too high, yet neglects to tell people that the fees must be approved by City Council each year and the record will show that Largo voted YES along with the rest of City Council on the SIX fee schedules that have presented to council. The record will also show that she NEVER questioned any of the fees in any way, but now she wants to claim she will change them. The mayor can’t change them, council does.

Listen to Largo talk about taxes and fees before she was running for mayor.

Mayor Backus has traveled internationally – TRUE

Who hasn’t? It’s normal. Mayor Backus has taken trips to our sister cities just like other mayors have – it is customary for mayors to visit the sister cities at least once in their term and Mayor Backus waited until the end of her first term to make those visits. The mayors from our sister cities have visited Auburn too as is customary.

However, Largo cannot claim she is against this or did not know because these costs were put into the budget last year that the city council approved.

Nancy’s opponent is against additional car tab fees – TRUE?

Except that she was for it until she decided to run for mayor.

She also tries to hide from the fact that she voted with the rest of the city council (7-0) to support ST3 and the school district ballot measures – both of which raised taxes in Auburn. Listen to Largo talk about rallying votes to raise taxes and pass the $20 car tab.

Largo has also missed several important votes on the car tab issue without explanation.

There is millions of dollars laying around to fix roads – FALSE

Absolutely false! This couldn’t be more false. We maintain a reserve fund as required by law – if we have a large scale emergency we must maintain enough reserve funds to keep the government operating for at least three months. To spend that would be illegal first and really dumb financial practice second.

However, Mayor Backus has allocated over $3 million one time funds in extra funding to road projects since taking office.

Mayor Backus and her staff waste taxpayer money – FALSE

Every year that Mayor Backus has been in office Largo, along with the rest of the city council, has approved every budget – BY VOTE – and public comment before it is spent, votes are taken twice a month by council to approve expenditures for the previous weeks, and votes are taken any time the budget needs to be amended – all votes have been a 7-0 YES – if she thinks these things have been done wrong, why is she voting yes?

In six years on council she has registered close to 200 votes on the budget and they have all been YES. 

Every year the Mayor and staff underspend the City’s budget by an average of 7% per year – that’s millions of dollars in savings every year that is either put into the reserve fund or reprogramed to other projects. (This was true in previous administrations as well.)

Things that should concern a voter about Largo:

She has been saying she’s against so many things that while on city council she was in favor of – no one should trust a person that lies for votes. She has either publicly stated or voted in favor of every single issue she now says she’s against.