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As a volunteer for the Auburn Police Department I have been at many varied city events where city employees from a wide range of departments are present. Nancy attends almost all of these events, and what stands out to me are the overwhelmingly positive comments that the city employees make about her. I have never heard one negative thing said.

They love her and appreciate the support and respect she gives them. It is one thing to say how you will lead, but when you hear only positive things said about the boss that is a huge deal. (Community leader, tireless volunteer and advocate for Auburn, supporter, resident, friend)

Beth Hollis

We need to re-elect Mayor Backus who always works towards solutions that are in the interest of our kids.  Mayor Backus realizes KIDs are our future.

Thank you Mayor Backus for your tireless service to the younger generation and to the community of Auburn!  It is greatly appreciated by us!!

We support Mayor Nancy Backus for re-election and encourage our citizens to support her as well! (school board director, sister cities volunteers, community leaders, residents, friends, supporters)


Criss & Ray Vefik

I recently retired after 29.5 years as a police officer; all with the City of Auburn. I had the good fortune of working with Nancy on several community projects. She is a Mayor who genuinely cares about the city and the citizens she serves. She works tirelessly for community. Nancy does not put herself first, it is always the citizens first.

Nancy is not in it for herself or the power that is often associated with politics these days. She is an outstanding representative for the city and community. (Retired police officer, really tall guy, friend, supporter)

Jamie Sidell

She is the correct choice for our wonderful city. She loves it and it shows in her passion and complete dedication. With the obvious support from her wonderful family the line between personal life and work are erased. She is all in, more sincere & dedicated then any other Mayor I’ve witnessed. (Friend, supporter, resident)

Christine Eilenberger

Republican for Nancy! Mayor Backus is the only Democrat I have voted for in years. This wonderful lady does what she says she will do. She truly cares for this city and is the most qualified of those running to continue to lead us. It is always a delight to work with Nancy. As a business owner, director of a non-profit and resident of Auburn I endorse Nancy Backus for mayor. (Community leader, at risk youth advocate, mentor, faith-based leader)

Dr. Jim Brass

Nancy is the excellent mayor…she leads with integrity. She is a true leader. She loves Auburn and is involved with making it a great city. Nancy is real. I love her ability to interact with the people of Auburn she is kind, honest , hard worker and fun….VOTE FOR NANCY BACKUS. Her last name says it all she Backs us all. (Community leader, advocate for the arts, friend)

Lela Brugger

We all know how Mayors get extremely busy in their everyday affairs as being a leader of their community, right? Well if they’re not like Mayor Backus, they’re doing it wrong! Here’s a leader, not only a leader. A compassionate and understanding PERSON that’s for her community. (Business owner, supporter)

Jim Couts

We are enthusiastically supporting Nancy Backus for re-election as Mayor of Auburn. Nancy is a strong believer in service to her community and bettering the lives of all of Auburn’s citizens. She leads boldly, passionately, proactively and with a heart of compassion. Her experience and relationship building skills will serve Auburn today and into the future, all while honoring the spirit of community and family that has held so many generations to this place we call home. (David: Retired Washington State Patrol Sergeant, Municipal Court Officer/Donna: Former Auburn School Board, Communities In Schools Washington State, Former Representative for the US Secretary of Education, Currently on the Nexus Board)

David and Donna Foxley

On a professional level, I have seen Mayor Backus at work and I am always impressed how she empathizes and relates to others. Her demonstrated ability to listen and understand the varying perspectives, whether from a neighbor, a concerned citizen or a contractor makes her a valuable asset to the City of Auburn. She quickly grasps complex situations and offers alternatives solutions or viewpoints that have not been considered. I am impressed with her problem solving abilities and how she can get things done.She really shines a positive light on the city of Auburn. (Business owner, friend, supporter)

David A. Clark

I am fully endorsing you for Auburn Mayor as you have proven over the past four years that you have the passion, competence, integrity and endurance to continue to fight for Auburn. I believe in you and so should the rest of the Auburn community! Cast your vote for Nancy Backus! (Community leader, former Auburn School Board Director, resident, friend, supporter)

Janice Nelson

You inspire me with your dedication to give back to the community we grew up in, all the while keeping grounded with family priorities. Keep up the good work and prepare Auburn for the future. (Friend, supporter)

Randy Black

Nancy is an amazing Mayor. She cares about Auburn, and will do anything to make it better. Re-elect Nancy Backus! (Friend, supporter, Auburn resident)

Paulette Fonda

You are an amazing, thoughtful, inclusive, and inspiring person. Through your leadership Auburn moves forward, as a welcoming city to all who value a place to call home! (Community Leader, friend, supporter)

Arlista Holman

I heartily endorse Mayor Backus! (resident, football coach, supporter)

Dan Irwin

Nancy, we need your continuance! Love what you’re doing for Auburn and I’m anxious to see more of it!  (Community Leader, Auburn’s first Poet Laureate, former Executive Director Auburn Youth Resources, friend, supporter)

Dick Brugger

More than happy to support you! We are so much better off now than just 4 years ago. The potential is huge and you are just the right person to capitalize on these upcoming opportunities! (Police officer, friend, supporter)

Brian Williams

I met Nancy professionally years ago and after seeing how much she cares about the city of Auburn and its citizens I was truly amazed. I deal with many cities’ mayors and I don’t always get the same feeling. People of Auburn do your homework on her accomplishments and you’ll see she is the mayor of choice for you. (Outreach Specialist for Meals on Wheels, Supporter)

Dale Hoover

I’ve been a resident of Auburn since 2002. My oldest daughter went to the same schools, and often had classes with, Nancy’s daughter, Lucky. Which means we crossed paths more than once. I’ve seen her work hard for this city, in both the political arena and hands on. She hears there’s a problem, like homelessness, and she works to a solution. It may not happen overnight, but she keeps at it until it’s done. I’ll be happy to vote for her in November, and hope you will as well. (Author, resident, supporter)

KateMarie Collins

Nancy is one of the most dedicated, honest, hardworking public servants that I have had the opportunity to work with. She takes the time to learn about the issue at hand, form a well-rounded opinion by hearing both sides of the story and made a decision based on what is right, not what she is told. (former Pacific City Councilmember, former Valley Regional Fire Authority Board member, friend, supporter.)

Tren Walker

My wife and I will be voting for the person who believes in our great 125-year-old city. We need a consensus builder, a person who will stand with the citizens of Auburn and a person who will listen to the people of Auburn – and Nancy Backus is the qualified candidate to be Auburn’s mayor. (Former Auburn Mayor, former associate superintendent of the Auburn School District, citizen, friend)

Charles A. Booth

Nancy is just a great person. She is so approachable for people of all ages and backgrounds. Whether presenting DARE awards at Chinook Elementary or talking about city growth, Nancy is a person that others want to work with. (Auburn School Board Director, citizen, supporter)

Anne Baunach

Choose the candidate with the strong financial and managerial background. Choose Nancy Backus for our next mayor. (National Day of Prayer organizers, citizens, community leaders, friends)

Darrel & Marge Gordon

I have lived next door to Nancy and her family for the past 14 years and feel fortunate to call her a friend. Nancy, her husband Kemon, and her daughter Alexis (Lucky) are some of the finest people you will ever meet and have made our city proud as our ‘first family.’ (Citizen, friend, supporter)

Dan Diesso

Nancy has a talent for dissecting complicated issues, listening carefully to all sides and defining what is best for Auburn. She excels at encouraging citizen involvement and guiding people through the sometimes challenging governmental process. (Former Auburn Councilmember, former Auburn business owner, citizen, friend, community leader)

Lynn Norman

Nancy already has the experience needed for the job after serving on the City Council for years and as our current mayor. She has the financial skills  and strong leadership needed to run the City.  Auburn needs Nancy Backus. (Citizen, supporter, friend)

Sharon Berend

I am voting for Nancy, because she is a wonderful asset to this community. I wouldn’t want anyone else as Mayor; she has the experience (10 years) as Councilmember and Deputy Mayor and now OUR current mayor! She also has the financial background (20-25 years) to run a corporation which that is what the City of Auburn is. Vote for Nancy Backus; a Mayor who is willing to Back Us as a community! (Citizen, friend, Auburn School District employee)

Kyle Carrier

Thank you for looking out for Auburn and making it a GREAT place to live. I am ALL IN for Nancy Backus. (Citizen, friend, Auburn Relay for Life organizer, community leader)

J.d. Drollinger

She is her own person and has always had time to sit down with citizens to listen. She listens to the concerns of our community and works to implement improvements to those concerns if possible…we all need to support Nancy Backus’ re-election for mayor. (Citizen, friend, Auburn business owner, supporter)

Ron Copple

Nancy Backus is exactly who Auburn needs to continue to move Auburn forward. Well-respected at home and regionally, Nancy brings experience, compassion, dedication and persistence to the table. (Supporter, Auburn community leader, friend)

Gail Spurrell

I have known Nancy for over a decade, so can say with confidence that she is a kind, caring, compassionate, considerate, genuine person whose concern for the well-being and future of Auburn and its citizens is a passion and a mission. She is thoughtful and gracious and willing and able to listen to and consider all viewpoints. She values each person, whether or not they agree on an issue. She has my full support. (Colleague, citizen, friend, supporter)

Laura Higdon

You have the background, the education, the connections, the caring, the commitment and the passion for Auburn that I’ve not seen from anyone before! I am definitely Team Nancy! (Friend, supporter, citizen)

Becky Langhans Cates

You won’t find a more proud daughter! 🙂 Way to go, Momma Backus! I was too young to vote for you the first time and I will be honored to check your name for your second term. I love you! (Daughter, citizen, supporter)

Lucky Backus

You had me at, ‘Re-elect Nancy Backus.’ Auburn’s Mayor Backus has done a fantastic job during her first term in office and I know she will continue that trend in the upcoming four years. She has my 100% support and approval. This woman is a dynamo and has the city of Auburn moving forward with countless improvements and innovative ideas. She is the most qualified person for the job. Her background in finance and government have proven to be wonderful assets. I am looking forward to another four years with Mayor Backus at the helm.  (Resident, friend, supporter)

Katherine Hinman

Nancy! I wish I lived in Auburn so I could vote for you, but I will spread the word to my Auburn friends and family that you are THE one to vote for! You have my support! (Friend, supporter)

Vicki Schager Bunker