Welcome to the official site for the Committee to Re-Elect Nancy Backus as the Mayor of Auburn. Auburn keeps growing and we need to make sure we continue making the right decisions to keep us moving in the right direction. Our city needs continued strong leadership and fiscal expertise to keep us on this path. With your help, we can ensure we’ll be successful in November and for the next four years.

Nancy Backus announces her 2021 re-election campaign, March 1, 2021

As Mayor, Nancy has focused on several issues that matter to Auburn residents: continuing economic development, protecting our quality of life, and investing in transportation.

Continuing Economic Development:  she has focused on creating opportunities for small businesses to grow and develop in Auburn.

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Mayor Backus launched the downtown façade improvement program in 2014. So far we have been able to award over $200,000 in grants to downtown businesses to preserve and enhance the charm of our downtown commercial area through strategic physical improvements to buildings.

Auburn’s Economic Development team has attracted hundreds of new retail businesses to Auburn like Panera Bread, Big 5, Geaux Brewing, Green River Cyclery & Busted Bike Café, Gor Gai Thai, Dave & Busters and an expansion of Gosanko Chocolate in our downtown (just to name a few)! She has also championed high quality manufacturing and aerospace companies to add hundreds of well paying jobs to our city.

Auburn will be adding three more hotels in 2017 and 2018 – Holiday Inn Express, Tru Hilton and Wyndham – this will bring Auburn’s room total to almost 1,000 and add valuable tourism dollars to our economy

Auburn’s commercial construction valuation has increased from $66 million in 2015 to $120 million in 2016 and issued 358 commercial construction permits in 2016. (Have you seen all the cranes around Auburn?)

There are multimillion dollar expansions of two of our largest employers: Boeing and MultiCare Auburn Medical Center and more development on the way.

Unemployment rates in Auburn are one of the lowest in the state while our average wages in Auburn have risen to among the highest. Nancy’s goal is to continue to attract more well-paying jobs for Auburn!


Keep fighting for middle income, living wage jobs in Auburn! With partnerships with the Auburn School District, Green River College, the trades and the business community Auburn will continue to be a great place to live, work and raise a family.

We are attracting so many wonderful new businesses in a strategic way. We adopted a 10 year economic plan in 2016 and she has directed the team to continue bringing more great businesses not only to our downtown core but to all of Auburn. More retail and restaurants will add to our vibrant city.

Staff will continue to support our business community by continuing to build a positive working relationship with the Auburn Area Chamber of Commerce

The next areas of focus will be to begin development on the old Valley Drive In site and continue working with GSA to develop the property near the Outlet Collection to create a robust commercial district.

Protecting Our Quality of Life: In Auburn, we pride ourselves on having an excellent quality of life, from excellent schools, to safe neighborhoods to great parks.

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In 2016, Mayor Backus hired 8 officers and will hire 6 more in 2017

Created a traffic court program to allow citizens to attend a safe driving course rather than receiving a citation. The program has been well-attended and well-received!

Last year Mayor Backus launched a homelessness task force that issued 56 recommendations to address homelessness in Auburn and City staff has made progress on over 40 of the recommendations

Auburn Parks opened a new Teen Center and Community & Event Center at Les Gove Community Campus. It has quickly become a popular local and regional site to host events both large and small.

Purchased the historic (and unused) post office building from King County. A large arts grant will allow us to transform the beloved site to a new Center for Cultural Arts in our downtown.

Nancy has continued to strengthen Auburn’s partnerships with the Auburn School District, Green River College, the Muckleshoot Indian Tribe and many others so we can grow our community together.


Continue to address the homelessness and drug epidemic that has struck the city (and nation) by working in partnership with our regional, state and federal partners to increase services, shelter and funding so the transient population can be off our streets and moved on to better things

Support our Parks, Arts & Recreation programs to continue bringing fun, affordable, family-friendly places and activities to you and your families

Seek funding for more police officers and support the Auburn Police Department’s goal towards community policing efforts

Continue fighting for Auburn through regional, state and federal partnerships to bring dollars, jobs and programs to us that we deserve. The best way to do that is stay involved, engaged and always be prepared for the next opportunity.

Keep Auburn affordable. We cannot allow Seattle’s housing crisis to reach our city. Through the Affordable Housing Coalition she started in 2016 she will fight to preserve Auburn’s affordable housing and add more inventory so families can thrive in Auburn.

Investing in Transportation: One of the main issues affecting Auburn residents (and the entire Puget Sound area) is traffic. She is focusing on methods to reduce congestion and help people move around more easily.

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Continued investment in transit-oriented development (high density housing near our transit center).

Secured more than $3 million in grant funds to continue and complete important road projects on our major arterial roads like Auburn Way South, Auburn Way North and prioritized the complete rebuild and repair of B St NW — the worst road in the system. The B St NW Project will be done at an over $1 million cost savings by using a new rebuild method.

Re-allocated over $1 million of cost savings from two construction projects in 2015 to 2016 to expand road repair projects.

Auburn has worked to improve traffic flows during peak commute times by expanding the Intelligent Traffic System.

Mayor Backus is working closely with the White River Amphitheatre and other stakeholders to reduce traffic congestion during concert season.

Auburn has received funding from Sound Transit for a second parking garage in our downtown to support commuters.


Continue to advocate for state and federal funds to come to Auburn for roads and infrastructure through my role on the Puget Sound Regional Council and Sound Cities Association

Continue to prioritize the worst roads in the system to receive the funding and repairs needed

Encourage Metro to expand major bus routes to serve more Auburn residents and seek more train trips from our transit station to help get commuters out of traffic

Continue working with council and staff for alternative funding mechanisms for road projects